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Meet Tai

Inspirational speaker,  empowerment, renewed mind, and productivity coach, author, actress & former dancer for the Denver Nuggets.

Excited about seeing others have their "light bulb" moment, Tai is dedicated to helping people realize and maximize their full potential through focusing on women's empowerment, self-love & self-care, and goal setting. 

Birthed from her own life experiences, Tai Anderson coined the phrase "make today fabulous" as a way to encourage both herself and others to do something on a daily basis to practice both self-love and self-care.

Tai has helped individuals and

groups learn how to: 

  • Create an actionable vision for their lives and business

  • Shift to a worthy and fruitful mindset

  • Breakthrough from stuck to thriving

Speaking Topics Include:

Self Care & Self Love



Goal Setting


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